Eat, Sleep, Surf – Repeat! Surf the Azores at Santa Barbara Beach

Santa Barbara: Gorgeous sunsets, steady swell, surfers hanging out at the beach bar – the perfect place to be, if it wasn’t for the mases of people crowding beach and lineup. At least that’s the case in Santa Barbara, California. What if I told you there is a whole other place called Santa Barbara, but without the crowds? Too good to be true? Maybe. But it does exist!

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100% Canoe, 100% Outdoor: Experience Summer in Sweden!

It’s canoe summer at doyoudare travel blog!

It’s summer in Sweden! Read all about one of the most beautiful canoe areas of Scandinavia and plan your next canoe trip around the remote lakes of Dalsland-Nordmarken in Sweden’s South, close to the Norwegian border.

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Playa del Confital: The best kept Surf Secret on Gran Canaria

Summer is in full swing. This week I’ll take you away with me into the land of powerful, right-breaking waves, but also afternoons full of bliss and laughter. Ready for a Thrill? Let’s get to Playa del Confital!

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