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Another Travelblog? A Work-a-Hippie Blog!

Work. Money. Status. Work more. Get more. Be more, Have you ever felt like simply packing up because it all didn’t really seem to matter? Could you just feel it in your bones that it was about time to do something totally different, maybe even crazy? Still, you stayed put in the end and kept sitting in front of that door, always wondering what might be behind.

Really not trivial: Life is short.

A couple of years ago, I had to discover a simple truth: Life is actually really short. A severe illness and retirement and your dream house by the ocean may never happen. One distracted moment and this precious visit on earth is over in the blink of an eye. From then, it was clear to me that I simply had to stop living for tomorrow while clinging on to yesterday. I hoped to become a drifter, a hippie, a happy person. And I wanted to indulge in each and every drop this one life we’re given has to offer. But just be in the moment? Not so simple, actually.

Well, it doesn’t mean you should just drop everything, sell your house and run naked into the sunset. It just doesn’t work that way. You will always be who you are, wherever you go – because people are creatures of habit and can only change so fast, if they ever do. So don’t be frustrated with yourself when you just can’t transform in a few days from the intense business person to the enlightened yogi or relaxed full-time traveler.

Not so trivial either: There is no “ultimate guide to happiness”

Funny enough, there is no “ultimate guide” to a happy life. Whoever says otherwise, is probably an author of those countless self-help guides and books – no one would make any money if people realized that there is no sure formula for happiness: First of all a “happy life” means different things to different people. And then, you will always be who you are.

But one thing appears to be quite certain for me: We are supposed to make the best of the time that is given to us. You are not only allowed, but meant to take seriously what you love and what you are good at. This is what I consider each and every person’s path to their uniquely happy life.

Me, being a real workaholic, might never become be the relaxed hippie-drifter I wanted to be. My head is always buzzing with new ideas and I can never sit still. So I decided to find my very personal sweet spot of ahppiness, to be what I called a “Work-a-Hippie”: Learn to enjoy  and accept that you deserve it and  take on the challenge to use your skills and efforts to contribute, to become a positive force and fitting piece in this beautiful puzzle around us that is our world.

doyoudare is not simply another travelblog. It’s for everyone who dares to dream of a good life in this wide open world and who believes in their power to make it a useful one.

Enjoy the ride!

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More English Content on my travelblog?

You might have wondered why you can find only little English content on my travelblog. So far, this is because my audience is mostly German. I’d be more than happy to provide more English content – just let me know!


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  1. ja geniess jeden tag,ich geniess dass ich mein englisch wieder “lesend ” aufpolieren kann,gezwungenermassen sozusagen…


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