What to bring for your ultimate Canoe-Trip

I had the most awesome time on my ten-day outdoor trip to Sweden’s South! About three hours north of Gotheburg a group of eleven people (and one dog) set out to discover the vast lakes and rivers around Årjäng via Canoe. Of course there is lots to tell after the trip, but now, I realized that I can imporve my ultimate packing list for your next canoe trip! How to prepare, what to bring? And now: Was it worth to bring all that stuff? How and what to pack for your ultimate Canoe trip!

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“B(e)ar View” at Clearwater Lake – Find new Friends Outdoors

Clearwarter Lake, BC

Do you dare… to sleep in bear country? It’s canoe summer at doyoudare travel blog! (What to bring for your ultimate Canoe Trip) I’m all packed up and on the road to Sweden’s beautiful lakes and rivers. There is no bears in Scandinavia, but in Canada there are plenty. So until I’m back to tell you all about this beautiful piece of nature in Sweden, I have an awesome spot to share with you: Last year I went canoing where you can paddle right into the sky. And the best thing about it: The first two days of the route it’s an absolute beginner’s trip: No better place to take your first strokes on the water!

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Do you dare – to be your own Captain? It’s Summer in Berlin!

What a brilliant start to this summer: It’s just No.1 on my summer bucket list and I’m in love. She is 13 meters long, with a roaring diesel engine and her name is, how fitting, “Aphrodite”. As a real Captain of my own ship I am prepared to cruise the Havel river north of Berlin – all thanks to the amazing people of RevierCharter. Read about the magic of reverse on the water and why you might need some sausages to become a really relaxed captain!

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