Raft Cove Sucks! (Don’t go there…)

The distinctive thing about secret spots is…well – that they are a secret. And everybody who knows about a secret spot usually wants it to stay that way. On the other hand, a secret spot is only fun when you can share it with your friends -these places feel just too beautiful and magical to keep them to yourself. Raft Cove absolutely is all of the above. So first of all, I’ll do my best to add to the kind of repellent anti-PR that’s out there about the North of Vancouver Island, Port Hardy, Cape Scott Provincial Park and especially Raft Cove: Awful long drive up there, the worst road conditions everrrr! And the locals! Bad company, so unfriendly. Oh, and gazillions of bugs, dangerous, wild animals and absolutely nothing to do. Nothing! Raft Cove just sucks. Don’t go there!

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The Vancouver Island Logbook #1 – How to get there

How to fall in love with Vancouver Island, but also how to actually get there: Read No.1 of the Vancouver Island Logbook, hear my stories and tell me yours!

I am on the ferry from Tsawwassen to Duke Point. The sky is overcast and the hills on the horizon are hiding behind a curtain of drizzle. The ship is the main connector of the mainland of British Columbia and the beautiful stretch of land called Vancouver Island. Usually, I’d rather take the other route from the Vancouver ferry terminal going straight to Swartz Bay on the southern most tip of the island. From there it’s only a short bus ride to the province’s capital of Victoria. However today, my good buddy is going to pick me up at Duke Point in Nanaimo, a small town further north up island – the place where I literally had stranded about six years ago after my rather eventful road trip from southern Alberta in 2011.

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Do you dare – to be your own Captain? It’s Summer in Berlin!

What a brilliant start to this summer: It’s just No.1 on my summer bucket list and I’m in love. She is 13 meters long, with a roaring diesel engine and her name is, how fitting, “Aphrodite”. As a real Captain of my own ship I am prepared to cruise the Havel river north of Berlin – all thanks to the amazing people of RevierCharter. Read about the magic of reverse on the water and why you might need some sausages to become a really relaxed captain!

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