Playa del Confital: The best kept Surf Secret on Gran Canaria

Winter’s in full swing and Christmas is not too far away any more. Time to snuggle up in your favorite sweater, have a nice cup if tea and dream about your future adventures! Summer is coming back for sure and you better make sure to be prepared for those sunny days outdoors. This week I’ll take you away with me into the land of powerful, right-breaking waves, but also afternoons full of bliss and laughter. Ready for a Thrill? Let’s get to Playa del Confital!

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Gran Canaria: Europe’s least-known Surf Mekka

Winter’s rapping at our doors, the days are getting even shorter and snow and ice greet us in the mornings. Summer feels like an eternity away. No wonder we start dreaming about past adventures full of sunshine, heat and ocean. My summer dreams of course, are mostly about surfing, but also about lazy days at the beach, hanging out with friends and sharing water melons for lunch break. To get me going through the darkest time of the year, I’ll write about my most recent surf spot discoveries in Europe: Where to surf in Gran Canaria!

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Surfen, Sauna und Surströming am Polarmeer

Party ohne Morgengrauen


Gammelfisch essen, mit Elchkebab runterspülen, Bier schmuggeln, Surfen im Polarmeer und Partynacht ohne Morgengrauen: Der längste aller Rallye-Tage liegt vor uns und wir lassen es richtig krachen! Tag 4, 4 ½ und 5 – Surfen, Sauna und Surströming am Polarmeer.

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